Top 5 Keto Friendly Grocery Store Finds


Soaring in popularity, the ketogenic diet used to be incredibly difficult for those with busy lifestyles. Meal prep was a necessity and the diet required extensive planning if you wanted to eat a variety of foods while obtaining all the nutrients you need for balanced diet.

Luckily, the food industry has responded to the outburst in interest towards the keto diet and keto-friendly pre-prepared foods are now popping up on the shelves across grocery stores in the US.

Obviously avoiding pre-prepared foods as much as possible is preferable but if you simply don’t always have the time to cook all of your meals, the following grocery store finds are preservative free and made from whole food ingredients!

  1. Nuco Organic Coconut Wraps

Nuco Coconut Wraps

I love making my own keto-friendly tortillas when I have the time, but when I’m too busy with work, I usually grab a pack of Nuco Organic Coconut Wraps instead. They’re light, pliable, and only contain three ingredients.

Other than original, you can find Nuco’s Organic Coconut Wraps in the following flavors: Cinnamon, Turmeric, and Moringa. They’re low calorie at about 70 calories per wrap, and don’t contain any added sugars. Each wrap has 4g of net carbs and one package contains five wraps and costs about $6.50.

  1. Chosen Foods Keto Mayo

Mayo - Keto Traditional

I was so excited when I found Chosen Foods Keto Mayo at my local grocery store. Finally a non-GMO, sugar free (and lemon free, for those who are allergic!) mayonnaise made with mostly organic ingredients and healthy oil as the base! Most mayo is made with soybean oil or other pro-inflammatory oils that are high in omega-6.

Chosen Foods Keto Mayo is made with coconut oil, which contains medium chain triglycerides (MCT). MCT oil can’t be converted into body fat. It also helps keep you full, and is an amazing source of energy. This mayo seems to range in price, between $6-$13 per jar, depending on where you find it.

  1. Cuisine Solutions Sliced Grass Fed Beef Sirloin

Cuisine Solutions Grass Fed Sliced Sirloin

When you need some high quality protein in a hurry, Cuisine Solutions Grass Fed Beef Sirloin is the perfect option. It’s already pre-seasoned and pre-cooked! It’s ready to go right out of the package or you can warm it up in a frying pan in under two minutes.

I found this product at my local Costco for just $11.99/lb. There’s no added sugar, flours, or starches, and it includes its natural juices so it pairs perfectly with a keto almond flour biscuit, zucchini spirals, or cauliflower mash!

  1. Folios Cheese Wraps

Folios Cheddar Wraps

One of the foods I couldn’t go without on keto is tacos. Tacos aren’t just for Tuesdays, they’re for every day in my house! I tried a recipe for taco shells made from cheese and failed miserably, so went looking for a solution. I found one at Costco; Folios Cheese Wraps.

At $9.79/10 wraps, these are exactly what they sound like: cheese crafted into a tortilla-like wrap, perfect for tacos! Folios Cheese Wraps are made from 100% cheese, lactose free, and only contain 1g of net carbs per wrap. They’re higher in calories than the coconut wraps I recommended above, at 180 calories per wrap, but is anyone really counting calories on keto anyways?

  1. Swerve Cake Mix

Swerve Choc Cake Mix

Sometimes you just need a treat…and now you can have one without straying from your diet! Swerve Sweets, the maker of one of the best keto-friendly sugar replacements on the market, has perfected keto-friendly cakes. Swerve’s Cake Mix costs about $6.99 per box. It comes in vanilla or chocolate and each mix makes enough cake to serve 12.

One serving/slice contains only 3g of net carbs! Over the holidays, I tried the mix for the first time by making a chocolate Swerve Cake for my dad, who’s diabetic. I paired it with a chocolate buttercream recipe found on Swerve’s website. I was surprised by how easy the mix was to prepare and the flavor was indistinguishable from a grain and sugar filled cake. It made me super excited; we can now have keto birthday parties!

What are some of your favorite keto-friendly grocery store finds? Share them with us in the comments below!


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