NoBull Savory Mushroom Veggie Burger Review

NoBull Veggie BurgerIn an effort to reduce inflammation and figure out which foods work best for me, I’ve been teetering between diets lately and trying more plant based protein. Due to my allergies, a lot of the veggie burgers sold in stores are a no-go for me so I had to do a lot of looking around to find any I could have.

Frozen veggie burgers are perfect when you don’t have the time or motivation to cook and after my experience with “The Awesome Burger,” I really wanted to find a vegan burger that wasn’t made from a protein isolate like pea or soy protein. Once again, Wegman’s had the best selection and I happened to find NoBull Veggie Burgers!

Though they make more than one flavor, the savory mushroom was free from my allergens (-sigh-…carrots, celery,..), and the ingredients sounded tasty. They were pricey at nearly $6 for a pack of 2 burgers, but so was “The Awesome Burger.” I think I’ve just come to expect high price tags on soy-free veggie burgers at this point so it wasn’t too shocking. At least the NoBull Veggie Burgers are made from organic, whole food ingredients! Certainly that counts for something.
NoBull Burger
I had to let the burgers thaw before cooking and I may have left them in the refrigerator for a few days before actually cooking them….To my surprise, the best by dates actually seem to be legit on most vegan products though so I went to the store for some taters to accompany my burger, slapped the NoBull burgers in a pre-heated pan coated with avocado oil and set my timer (according to the directions on the box, of course).

The patties stayed together quite well considering they’re mainly made of different types of beans. From the moment I opened the package, I knew these were going to be much more awesome than “The Awesome Burger.” They smelled like garlic, so how could they not be?
NoBull Burger
When they were done cooking, I tried a piece plain and the flavor literally surpassed any veggie burger I’ve had before (even the ones I ate pre-allergies!). The texture isn’t much different from any other bean burger, but for whatever reason, many pre-packaged bean burgers tend to have some sort of southwestern seasoning that I despise. Thankfully, these did not!

NoBull Burger
I could literally eat these veggie burgers every day, even without any toppings. They’re that good! Visit the NoBull Burger website to find some near you. I promise you won’t be disappointed. And if you’ve tried these before, let me know what you think in the comments below!

NoBull Burger


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