I’m Jenn and I created Sasprig after sluggishly working on my previous blog. I wanted to create a new blog that’s more personal and varied. Here I’ll blog about whatever I feel like! And chances are you can too, as I’d love to make Sasprig a blog of many categories by accepting guest posts. Let there be something for everyone, I say!

More About Me:

I’m flaky (literally—as a psoriatic!), fluffy, and an artist at heart. As a freelance writer and (former) chiropractic receptionist turned dog-handler due to COVID-19, I recently said goodbye to the never-ending sauna that is Florida and moved to my dream state of North Carolina with my husband and our two stanky chihuahuas.

Some of my interests include natural health, anime/manga, drawing, nature, natural products, herbs and supplements, video games, writing (of course!), RVs, comedy, and animals. I love humor, crisp weather, fall leaves, bright colors, woolly bear caterpillars, learning about different cultures, visiting new places in my camper van, shopping, and sipping bubble tea. My attention span is constantly challenging me, but I also love learning…you know, when I can pay attention long enough!

My goals for the future are to learn how to create better art, own enough land to let my doggos run free, start a family, adopt some chickens (who I plan to name Mrs Potts, Barnaby, Todd, and Lovett!), garden, learn how to shake my overly modest mind-set, and continue to work on myself as a whole. ♡